winter holidays

Top 5 Best Ideas for Winter Holidays

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!

Jingle all the way.

Oh, what fun it is to ride

in a one-horse open sleigh, hey!

We have all grown up listening to this signature Christmas tune while Santa has been riding on a reindeer with a bag full of gifts and chocolates for children.

Relax during the winter holidays with hot cocoa or coffee and warm blankets! What a treat it would be to curl up with a good book or lounge on the velvet couch in the living room while watching Netflix movies.

Guess what? We’ve got something more fascinating for you than staying at home and getting bored.

The Creative Labs Learning Center has great plans for the children this winter. We always strive to do our best to entertain our children during the holiday season.

At our daycare, we ensure every child has a great experience while improving early development skills with the best care and comprehensive learning.

As schools are going to be closed for the winter holidays and children will have a break, we thought of improvising this time for the students by providing ideas for activities that they can perform during the winter break.

Can you recall what those memorable activities were that you did during the last winter holiday? Well, we have some new ideas to give you some variety this winter.

1. Let’s Go Georgia Getaways

If you live in Georgia, you’re only miles away from experiencing the cozy Georgia getaways in the north. Wooden cottages, calm surroundings, and birds chirping are great ways to spend the winter holidays with the family. If the children are fond of classic old themes, then spend time at Barnsley Resort in Atlanta. But if you want to spend time viewing calm mountains and swirling yellow spring fields, look out for wineries around North Georgia.

2. Hail to Santa 

An old laughing man with a whiskered beard roams around the decorative streets of Alpharetta, Georgia. Children can spend the winter holidays making arrangements to hail Santa Claus with a greeting card, a wishlist, or a box of candies. During the winter holidays, children can have leisure time while preparing to receive Santa on the eve of Christmas.

3. Games to play

Christmas is a joy for everyone, whether adults or children. Make sure you have a fantastic and enjoyable winter holiday at home. Children can spend the weekend with friends or family playing exciting games and enjoying the winter holidays.

You can play Christmas-themed games like bingo, trivia, charades, and Minute to Win It. This winter, roast ham with spicy sauces and orange juice at the dinner table will make your weekend memorable.

4. A Poem for Christmas

During these long winter vacations, children should practice writing skills. At the Creative Labs Learning Center, we teach students how to write expressively by using tried-and-true teaching methods.

If you want to spend quality time and have fun this winter, you can write a poem or a beautiful song for Christmas. It would be encouraging for the students as they could develop the art of writing this winter.

5. Prepare a cake

Children love to eat, even at odd times. Try to indulge them in baking a delicious caramel cake this winter holiday. The smell of hot, baked caramel coffee cake coming out of the oven will be delightful for the children.

Girls can learn to bake some crunchy cookies while boys can help them out with preparations like adding baking soda, stirring the mix, and getting the oven ready for the cookies.

Children can also invite friends for brunch or evening gossip if they learn to bake something delectable this winter holiday.

A Wrap-Up

Try one of the blog’s ideas for filling your winter vacation and making your season a memorable outing of the year. Make sure your child adopts the activity that will inspire them and make the break eventful for them.

If you are searching for the best daycare near you or in Alpharetta, Georgia, Creative Labs Learning Center is the ideal match for every parent out there.

We are committed to maintaining a creative environment that fosters curiosity about learning while engendering love, respect, and understanding of oneself and others.

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Math Skills

How Can Children Develop Math Learning? 7 Simple Ways

Creative labs learning center is a daycare where children can improve their early development skills with adventurous learning.

The daycare in Alpharetta, Georgia will let your child become an absolute genius through an advanced curriculum, real-time activities, and complete childcare.

We always strive to bring our readers closer to the value of reading important topics and educating them through our informative blogs.

This blog will focus on “How to develop math learning skills in children in 7 simple ways”.

Why Math Skills?

Mathematics is a systematic effort of solving puzzles of nature!

 Every successful human on earth was not only a genius in their ideas but also good at solving math.

From Einstein to Newton, Euler to Pythagoras each one of them has contributed to math and also shown us paths about how we can develop math skills by walking in their footsteps.

Math is a subject that has the magic to improve cognitive skills by utilizing our brain muscles to solve complex problems, memorize numbers, or learn shapes.

But when it comes to the kids at pre-K, we can think of unique ways to develop math learning skills in them.

If you want your child to score A+, become good at solving problems, or start complimenting the subject then this blog is for you.

Read below to further learn about the art of developing math skills in children in 7 simple ways:

1. Create Math Stories

Let’s bring Math to life through stories. Most daycares incorporate stories as part of the learning process in early education.

Creative labs learning center ensures that Math should be taught in a style that helps children learn how it is relevant and involved in everyday life.

Stories create a space for students to explore their mental reasoning and understanding in unique ways.

We at the Creative labs center contain literature that offers memorable opportunities to discover mathematical ideas and combines those ideas into the meaningful context of life.

Consider “The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang” for interesting math stories and to develop new math skills.

2. Tech for Math

Technology helps empower mental usage for good among kids, don’t be the parent to restrict the use of gadgets at home.

Guide the children in developing math skills through various learning apps, puzzling games, and more.

Look out for the apps at the play store developed specifically to teach math skills to children under age.

Here are some good math apps which you can download for kids and let them keep busy while having fun; Khan AcademyProdigy Math, and Elephant Learning.

3. Bring Picture Books

Visuals are better than verbal communication. The art of learning lies in how conscious you are while viewing the scenes.

Picture books bring in the same level of skills to learn math for children at an early age.

Colorful, decorative, and creative picture books can kindle the craving of learning math and helps in developing math skill in the virgin minds.

Consider some beautiful picture books such as Pete-The cat, 365 penguins, or Birdsongs for early math development among kids.

4. Random Riddles

Creative labs learning center loves to test the children with riddles on random occasions. We used different activities during our weekly sessions for children to guess the riddles and develop learning skills creatively.

You can do the same at home, parks, or any place you go for an outing with your kids, create a space, and excite them while asking crazy riddles depicting numbers in them.

Math is a practice game, anyone who is willing to learn can develop math skills and become efficient in solving complex problems.

Riddles can be the simplest way to develop math skills in students as they can find it a more creative and innovative way to complete math homework on time. “What is it that can run but can’t walk”? Do you guess?

Consider some crazy riddles for pre-k children and helps them to share their love of math at the beginning of their life.

5. Make Flashcards

Flashcards or placards can do the same for every child at the stage of early development as it brings out the affection to learn math.

At our daycare center, we also find it encouraging for the kids to use flashcards during our math session as this will introduce them to the interesting way to learn the subject.

Hand-made cards with flashing numbers on them blended with bright colors can do the job for you. It can also help in developing literacy skills in the students.

Math can be a challenging friend to spend time with, you must be utilizing flashcard play to develop a love for math among the children.

Find some fascinating flashcards ideas for the children to learn math interestingly.

6. Toys to Teach

We bet this would be the most productive way to pour sweetness of the math into children’s minds.

Children are sensitive and can be dramatic sometimes whenever you touch their toys. Make sure you bring the toys which can help in developing learning among the kids.

A toy can do a roleplay for the children; a friend, enemy, rival, or helper sometimes. You have to seek through kids’ toys and should be able to teach them while playing.

You will see the child will respond positively as this will allow them to learn better while sharing emotions with their imaginary buddies.

We suggest you some of the best toys for the early learning development of the students like Construction Toy Set, Building Blocks, or Hand2Mind Toy.

7. Play Around with Math

Don’t forget Math keeps on following everyone into our daily life. Whenever we get around to our routine habits, make sure your child sees the math around them:

  • While driving to the school, show them the speed measures in the car
  • When buying groceries, let them calculate the discount you’ve got
  • Let them count out the cents, which needs to be given at the superstore.
  • While baking at home, explain how 6quarter cups equal the cup and a half— then enjoy the meal!

To develop skills, we need to play around with math in our daily happenings for the kids. At the creative labs learning center, Math is no more a mysterious subject but an adventurous ride with creative learning.

Break it down, have a go, and watch the interest rising for math in the children!

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Board Games


This time we are going to uncover some great benefits of playing board games for young children at preschool. But before we dig into the topic deeply, check out our latest blogs here.

Creative labs learning center has been on the track to accelerate the growth among kids, and also develop them into an asset for society. We believe in the early nourishment of our children through comprehensive learning, hands-on activities, and strong values.

Why board games are important for kids in the early stages of their life? As a parent what is your take on this? Your guesses might be wrong or somewhat right as well. Every parent seeks to raise kids into super-talented lads, to achieve this milestone we need to provide healthy competition to our kids right from the beginning.

Board games bring in the same level of determination for the kids and advance them into confident grown-up children. Let’s see what are the primary benefits of playing board games and how it turned out to be a healthy activity for children.

1. Social Development

Remaining socially involved and developing social skills are very important for every one of us. Board games help in the social development of kids by playing games with each other. Playing together with friends, families, or competitors, board games can enable students to nourish socially by interacting in different modes.

2. Higher IQ

Don’t ever question the intelligence of the children especially when they are on the roll. Board games allow children to develop IQ by utilizing their cognitive thinking to outplay others and win the game for their team. It can help to improve the brain system of the kids by taking critical decisions and performing under pressure situations.

3. Competitive Spirit

Our children must hold the spirit of competitiveness not only at school competitions but throughout life. Creative labs Learning center holds a similar logic of evoking competitiveness among children from the beginning. Board games teach our kids how to survive under attack, minimize the chance of being trapped, and how to compete and absorb the loss.

4. Tech Savior

Board games proved to be a tech savior for kids. We need to ensure that when there’s free time for kids, we lock up the gadgets or any tech devices around and open a board game for them. Don’t forget if the children remain busy playing board games will reduce the possibility of health deterioration by ignoring radiated screens and improving fitness among them.

5. Advance GK

Board games are a great source for advancing general knowledge among kids. Games like Trivial Pursuit or Professor Noggins’ Trivia help students improve diverse learning by answering questions, filling out blanks, or recognizing shapes or colors with images.

As responsible parents, we should be providing open space to our children so that they can depict their talent within and become confident and intelligent adults in the future.

Creative labs learning center is the best path for the early learning of children that fosters creativity, curiosity, self-confidence, and independence so that kids may become models of peace and can succeed in an evolving world.

Bringing on Board

When you’re going to buy a board game for the children? Make sure you purchase a board game that suits the mental capacity of the children and they also love to spend time with. There are multiple board games, simple, complex, big league, or beginners but make sure you pick the one which matches the child’s attributes and will become the source of improvement for them.

Creative labs learning center is a daycare where kids can play, learn and develop their skills through adequate staff handling and personalized attention.

You can contact our faculty for more details about the center or visit one in Alpharetta, Georgia for a real-time experience.

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Which Are the Top 5 Healthy Meals for Kids

Creative lab center cares for your child in a solicit manner while providing quality education at pre-K and a healthy appetite. There might be other good daycares in Alpharetta, Georgia but the creative lab center is best for nurturing the skills of the children to become responsible, compassionate, and confident adults of the future.

Mommies being nervous about the Healthy diet of their babies prepare different meals so that the child remains agile and healthy but there is a better option with a creative lab center

We have come up with the best meal ideas for mothers to offer quick and cushy food to their kids and also keep them energetic all day at daycare.

Are you ready for the 5 simplest and best meal ideas for your child at a healthy breakfast, lunch, or brunch? So, here are we, presenting you the list of the best healthy meals for children while bumping heads for early development.

1. French Toast with Maple Syrup

Yes, it’s time for french toast. Everybody loves crunchy crusty French toast mingled with maple syrup. Wow, it’s yummy, isn’t it?? Your baby would be starving due to the delicious smell outburst from the kitchen. 

Take a slice of bread and let it settle at room temperature for approx. 1 hour to dry out the surface of the bread. Make a paste of eggs while beating them into a wide bowl with maple syrup.

Add baby’s favorite milk, vanilla cream, nutmeg, and salt for the taste. After that, let your bread dive into the pan of heated oil and leave it until it is soaked in the egg and ingredients. 

Preheat your pan above medium heat and add 2 spoons of butter. Dip the bread in the melted butter and make sure to heat each side of the bread for 2 minutes.

Before tabling to your baby, sprinkle sugar, and seasoned berries around the plate for a born appetite.

Nutritional Value:

  • 126 Kcal Calories 
  • 18.94g Carbohydrates
  • 3.8 grams protein/Slice
  • Vitamin B-12 (41.25%)

2. Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Regardless of age chicken grilled cheese sandwich is the apex of crave-worthiness, it’s finger-licking good.

Let the fire take control of our yummy gummy chicken grilled cheese sandwiches. Open your stove with medium heat and place a non-stick skillet for about 2 minutes to heat the oil. 

Then prop a slice of bread into the skillet and garnish the slice with a dose of chicken mayonnaise. Cook the slice deliberately for 2 min to get a crispy crunchy appetizer upside down. 

Add the melted butter onto the crunchy side of a slice, top with cheese and pepper, and cook for another 2 min. 

Toss up the slice and now cook the other side with a blend of butter and mayonnaise onto it. The fresh and flickering smell of the cheesy appetizer glosses up your child’s morning. 

Hey wait, here’s a pro-mommy tip. Don’t smash the slice too hard as it gets burned easily into the skillet, just a gentle press over the slice will make it ideal for baby’s lunch.

Spread the cheese left over onto the slice, add the palate of tomato ketchup and wrap up the edible into the lunch box. Here we go!

We understand your craving that’s why the creative lab center added chicken cheese sandwiches to their weekly diet plan at daycare.

Nutritional Value:

  • 400 calories/slice
  • 18 g protein
  • 39 g carbohydrates
  • 6 g fiber

3. Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls are best when your children got their bellies scorching for healthy food. 

The hot and freshly baked dinner rolls steaming from the oven let your baby chow down the appetite. The dinner roll is a super easy and healthy meal idea for your child’s lunch craving. 

You can start by holding a saucepan and mishmash water, milk, and butter into it. In a large bowl, beat sugar, yeast, flour, and salt all together.

Add a mixture of milk to the blended dry ingredients and spin for 3-4 min. Now pour some eggs into the prefab and keep on blending the ingredients.

Form the mixture into soft balls by adding 1 flour cup gradually. Wrap up the dough balls and store them at a warm temp for about 90 min or so.

Take out the dough balls and baked them in the preheated oven for about 15 min until they turn slightly brownish. Load the dough balls with melted butter and store them for another 10 min at a warm spot.

Take the dinner roll out and serve them to your child for the toothsome happening.

Nutritional Value:

  • 78 calories
  • 2.7g protein
  • 0.5 g Fiber
  • 45 mg Calcium

4. Buttermilk Pancakes

I am surprisingly touched to know about the excusers of buttermilk pancakes. How can anyone cross their eyes from lusty berries, sliced almonds, and the pool of maple syrup flowing right from the edges of slouchy pancakes? 

Creative lab center has added buttermilk pancakes to its ongoing weekly diet plan for the children as it’s relentless for belly delight. But how can you make it for your child? Below is the guide: 

Take a baking bowl, blend sugar, salt, and baking soda together in a bowl, and stir it for a good 15 min while forming a well in the center with the flour.

Pour an egg with the buttermilk and melted butter into a well, keep stirring but do not overmix. 

Spray the cooking oil into the preheated skillet and pour 1/3 measuring cup of the batter.

Keep tossing the batter with the pancakes for about 5 min total time. That’s it churning and bustling buttermilk pancakes are now ready-to-eat. 

Serve your pancakes with maple syrup and a topping of fresh berries, granola, or sliced almonds for the toddler. 

Hey, wait! Did you wash your hands before?

Nutritional Value:

  • 260 calories
  • 6g protein
  • 9.3% Calcium
  • 22g Carbohydrates

5. Homemade Baked Beans

Well, baked beans are what most kids don’t prefer to add to their diet chart, but this is no doubt a healthy meal idea for growing babies.

If your kids are sensitive eaters, start with homemade Healthy baked beans, that’s why we have included this vege-diet into our week’s diet plan for the kids.

If you want to feed your kids dry beans, you need to soak them in water overnight and put them to boil in the morning for 60-70 min approx.

To prepare the tomato sauce, first, you need to heat the oil in a saucepan, put onions into the oil, and let them fry for 5 min. 

Now add smashed tomatoes and cover the pan for the next 15 min until the mixture starts to steam. Remove the lid and stir the paste with soft hands for about 10-15 min while a smooth sauce settles into the pan.

Now, slightly heat the butter for beans, add fry onion and garlic, and leave it for 5-6 min aside.

Add the cooked beans with tomato sauce, maple syrup, and mustard and stir the mixture for 2 min or so. For a soft texture, mash the cooked beans with a fork.

Your homemade fresh baked beans are ready, serve them to your baby and keep them healthy with the creative lab center 5 best meal prep ideas.

Nutritional Value:

  • 273 calories per 250g
  • 12 g of protein 
  • 56 g of carbohydrate
  • 5 grams fiber
Creative Learning Center

Top 5 Benefits of Creative Learning Center

Every child is like a flower that deserves a Garden!

A warm welcome to all the mums and dads in the world of juveniles. It is our brand-new effort to guide the parents about the benefits of a creative learning center or what impact can a learning center has on the emerging minds of young ones.

Creative labs learning center in Alpharetta is on a high roll to foster creativity, novelty, self-awareness, and independence in early learners. We believe in providing holistic culture through our curriculum and rollicking activities, which you as a parent will surely admire.

Check out our curriculum and programs on our website to early enroll your child this season.

Without further ado, let’s see, what are the top 5 benefits of a creative learning center for children. Stay tuned if you need to snippet the creativity of your kids and expect them to rock on! 

Celebrate Creativity: 

Is it a sparkling of watercolors onto the hands of kids? Or the use of building blocks to make a lofty structure? Or do you think being creative is like copying a billionaire’s idea to become successful at an early age?

Well, you miss the beat. Creativity or being creative is more than crafting odd pieces around. Creative lab center has devised creativity around three values:

  • If you’re able to infuse new ideas into the child’s mind.
  • If your child predominately draws concepts on his own.
  • The positive wave of cognition occurs at troubling times.

Bang On! Now you can plead that your child is a creative lad and can unfold ideation in adulthood.

There is already a lot written about the benefits of sending a child to an early or Georgia pre-K learning center. But CLC has gathered the outcomes of the post-cooked recipe.

  • Sense of Self-Awareness:

Conducting activities in a bright and refreshing classroom is far better than the screening times at home. A creative learning center provides a sense of self-awareness among kids in the presence of other kids. A good learning center reduces the limitations in the children while they perform whole-heartedly during class activities.

  • Best for Early Growth: 

A creative learning center can lay a strong foundation in the kids and helps them to accelerate naturally in life. If a learning center is topped up with amiable staff and a kind environment, a child can be hooked early than expected. Playing around with academic stuff, crafting new objects, and sharing time with other kids ease the rolling of the students in the next classes.

  • Better Organised:

Kids at the creative learning center can be better organized, socially responsible, and self-disciplined via different activities. The special atmosphere indulges the importance of self-caring and punctuality such as; how to take care of yourself and get your work done on time.

  • Boost Self-confidence: 

Creative learning centers are a great pathway to boost the tides of self-confidence among toddlers. Through multi-designed activities for learning, conversations, debates, and grouped learning can pave the way for developing the strong character of the children.

  • Interpersonal Skills:

Communication is an eternal tool for a clean and reputed character. Kids need to know; how to outperform while communicating or presenting thoughts creatively. The creative learning center helps to flourish interpersonal skills in the children through equal opportunities in speaking, reading, conversing, and role-playing at school events.

General Opinion:

Hence, we could say now that the creative learning center is relatively best for the early development of virgin minds. The creative learning center can impact the overall persona of the student with good guidance, smart teaching, healthy competition, and creative learning.

If you are living in Alpharetta and searching for the best creative learning center with top-notch facilities, programs, and eventful outings for the kids. The creative lab learning center will fulfill your dream while reviving a child into a super kid. 

Visit our website to get the best learning experience and get your child enrolled for the early fall season.

play dough

Why Play Dough Is Best for Early Learners?

Welcome to the creative learning center,  we are consistent in providing the best educational material through our blogs for the kids in Alpharetta, USA.

Playing and jumping around is always a healthy activity for kids because it boosts early development and confidence in kids and keeps them supercharged.

We are massively exposed to advanced tech in the 21st century and lack the culture of creativity in our hands.

Hold On! We have a brilliant idea for your kids to stay healthy early in life. Buy them Play-Doh and let them disperse the colors of happiness from their soft hands.

Play-Doh is best for the minions as it is soft, flexible, and harmless, your kids will love it and cuddle you for the surprise.

By squishing, rolling, sculpting, and tossing, play dough helps to gain muscle strength for writing and improves creativity as well.

A creative learning center is an emblem of hope for the kids in Alpharetta, the USA for their early growth. We have come up with 5 best-of-the-lot benefits; why play dough is best for early learners?

Sense of Calmness

Play-Doh will ease down the aggression of your little champ whenever they crush or squeeze the dough with their hands. Playing with the clay will help children to overcome anxiety, release energy, and keeps them engaged with the fizzy stuff.

Sit around with your kids in a playful atmosphere, pop out a basket of Play-Doh and start creating colorful objects.

You will notice your child will go into deep engagement and calmness by fantasizing about the characters. It will brace up concentration in the child as they can craft their ideas more impressively.

Mindfulness & Creativity

From Super-Hero to a layman, a tram to a buffalo cart, what is that which you can not recreate from the play dough? Teach your kids to make something out of their imagination while smashing and squeezing play dough.

Let’s go to one of our munchkin-David and see what he has created from his tiny fluffy hands and pure imagination. David has added water to one of his Play-Doh pots with some flour and artificial colors.

He made a Pinocchio by rolling his nose long and far and then twisted him into a tiny mouse by squeezing the dough beyond his creativity. It made him blister around the classroom with excitement and a sense of achievement through his effort.

Play-Doh is best for early learners to bolster fantasies and creativity within their pure hearts. So, buy them one of the baskets of play dough this weekend to exhibit their potential capabilities.

Academic Progress

The creative learning center has seen that if we engage our children in Play-Doh, it will undoubtedly improve their academic results in school.

Play-Doh can help children to get affiliated with Math, Science, and other curriculum topics. You can educate your little buddy on how to count numbers by creating a different set of objects.

You can torch scientific thought in children by adding water to the clay and altering the form of matter. If you partner with your kids in Play-Doh, you can enhance their brilliance and will ease the process of learning these subjects in school.

Sharing Emotions

Children are very emotional and sacred by heart when sharing feelings with others. Play-Doh can help them to strengthen their emotions by sharing and chanting with kids in the classroom.

If you are worried about the stingy quality of your child, surprise them with play dough and make sure they perform in a group.

Oh, I made a red car with my play dough! Showing to other kids can grow affection in your child. The other one yelling, oh, I’ve made a better version of your car, can evoke the sense of respecting others’ emotions in your child.

If you guide them on how to contribute to others’ success, accept disparagement, and value sharing, all these attributes will help in the early and social development of the child at school and in life.

Physical development

Physical development in the early stages of a child hovers around hands-on exercises as play dough boosts muscle elasticity by poking, rolling, and squashing the ball.

If a child equips play dough daily, it will build a strong base for him to draw, write, and for other critical tasks. Besides, smashing Play-Doh with various purposes like popping, squeezing, and rolling also improves hand-eye coordination in children.

It is as safe as a house for your early learners as it keeps them intact in a healthy activity and holds them from buzzing around the gadgets. Play-Doh in the brightest of colors is fun for your child!

Wrapping up Thoughts:

It’s time to wrap up this blog by manifesting some precautions while fantasizing about play dough.

  • Make sure the child does not eat
  • Should keep away from their eyes
  • Do not mix with the edibles

Mommies are best to be closer to their children than dads, so we’re pointing toward you; when will you buy play dough for your pumpkin?

Bring play dough this weekend at home and relive the joy on the face of your children.

Well, a creative learning center offers favorable conditions for kids to get along with early development. If you are searching for the best daycare for your child in Alpharetta , USA,  come and visit Creative Learning Center to nourish your young ones. We accommodate quality learning, friendly staff, and a refreshing environment for the early development of beginners.

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Best daycare

5 Things to Consider When Selecting the Best DayCare

An ambitious mother, Linda Hassan Anderson, senior director at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Academy, said, To select the best day care for your child is like asking your baby to take the first step in life. 

No doubt, it’s a long tedious task for parents to look for the best daycare for a child which matches their instinct. It is as important as building up a base for a child’s future.

The creative lab center is the best day-care to nurture and develop a child in Alpharetta, USA. Besides, we are upskilled to find the best talent in your child and give our 100% to make sure your child becomes a super kid.

Why does every parent look for tendered daycare for their child? There can be multiple reasons for it:

  • For strong social skills
  • Build healthy relationships with the society
  • Become Socially Responsible
  • Evolve in a Confident Boy/ Girl

Well, there are many simple ways to select the best daycare facility for your child in the USA. We have summed up the 5 most obvious ones to start for the best daycare center.

Extensive Research

As a parent, most of the time we are over-conscious, especially when there is a matter of child’s health or parenting. To find a reliable day care for your child it’s better to do research online and offline.

If we Google anything we can easily find replies to our queries. Go and search for the best daycare center of your choice. You can see a myriad of suggestions on the internet for your concern about choosing the best daycare facility.

In my opinion, do extensive research yourself before implementing any decision, after all, it’s about your baby’s first step towards basics.

Offline research is to visit the centers physically and look for the impressive daycare in town. Make sure the environment is hygienic, surroundings, safety measures, and management attitude towards the public.

Child-Staff Ratio:

Parents should sneak into a couple of factors before choosing a daycare for a child:

  • Is the staff of a daycare highly trained?
  • Children must be grouped in smaller numbers.
  • Appropriate activities for the children.

You should also lean into the child-staff ratio and the group size endorsed by national standards. The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) has a designated child-staff ratio for daycares. See the chart below:


A low child-to-teacher ratio is one of the primary factors to look for before selecting a daycare center for a child. It can enable teachers to communicate with every child effectively. 

Daycare centers with a small number of children in a classroom can plot healthy relationship within the class and stimulates confidence within the kids.

Seasoned staff in a daycare frame the influential behaviors within the children through a well-designed curriculum and activities.

Mutual Thought Sharing: 

It will be of great value if you ask the parents who are already benefiting from the daycare of your choice. Don’t reckon the letter of recommendation from any supplier as they can easily be edited and can be tormented for you in the future.

So as a caring mommy, what should be the ideal scenario to select the best daycare for your child? Well, in my opinion, you should share thoughts with other parents already in the loop of the potential daycare. 

Search within your colleagues and neighbors and ask them to come up with an honest suggestion for the following list of daycares you’ve prepared for your child.

There would be another optimistic way you can seek is to ask the daycare to provide you with a list of enrolled parents. Call them or meet them physically for the best decision of your life.

Ideally, you should look for 2-3 essentials after having a chat with other parents:

  • Are the parents equally satisfied?
  • Is there child feel comfy within the daycare?
  • Do the faculty of a daycare cooperate with the parents?

After all, it is a proven statement. You will never see a loss if you consult others before making any decision. So, go for it, as it will take a minimum effort but brings peace of mind for you as a concerned parent. 

Check for Accreditation:

Well, parents must find out what kind of faculty they will be offering to their child at daycare. We suggest you find out the staff’s credibility and whether any forum available for the parents to interact with the best daycare management. 

Besides, this is your fundamental right to advance down the lane and search for the education and training of the staff members. Are they well-rehearsed to tackle the tantrums of beginners?

Accreditation of daycare is a clinical aspect that every parent should look for. It is your first-hand duty to observe whether daycare is accredited under the state of law. Are they meeting the national standards by the authorities of safety, health, and security? 

Keep in mind, dear parents, there are two basic kinds of daycare; Group Daycare & In-home Daycare. The former should fall under the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), while the latter should be under National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC).

The accreditation displays that the institution is meeting the standards beyond the preferred instructions and following general requirements as well.

Think of a Location

Last but not the least, location should be the other aspect to consider when finding the best daycare for your child. 

As concerned guardians, we always wish our kids to remain in front of our eyes. So why this not be considered when we are hovering over the best daycare facility in town?

Your priority should be to look for daycare within your premises. No matter, it would be closer to your home or office but should be within your utmost reach. 

Trust me, finding a daycare with ease would be a daunting task for every parent, and discovering one would be much more soothing. Creative learning centers can leverage you with such comfort in Alpharetta, USA.

Consider useful suggestions if you intend to search for daycare at the best place:

  • It should be safe
  • Look for a parking space
  • Least affected by climates 

Make sure your potential daycare center is easy to navigate and as safe as possible to help you narrow down your search.

It’s Up to You:

If you abide by these 5 top selection ways for a child’s daycare you will be able to find the perfect one for your child.

When it comes to Childcare in Alpharetta, Georgia, Creative Learning Center offers the highest virtue in early childhood education. We ensure your child is off to great development at preschool. 

Our extraordinary services have been crafted to meet the connection, communication, security, nutrition, and convenience desires of families.

Contact us today to get started!

early learning center

Top 5 Qualities of the Early Learning Centers

We can find several early learning centers in Alpharetta for preschool children. There is guidance available on how to enroll in Pre-k programs or what mistakes to avoid, or even details on the best early learning centers for your child in the vicinity. But we rarely get a chance to explore the key elements that the child will experience in these preschool learning centers. The caregivers at these centers do not simply spend the day with preschool-aged children. They provide a formative educational experience that will shape the way these young minds approach the rest of their academic and practical life. We can have a look at what differentiates an early learning centers from others. 

Learning and Growth 

Children need a nurturing environment to explore themselves and multiple opportunities to reach their potential. Their self-expression and innate sense of curiosity are often restricted by strict rules and regulations of the authority. This can hinder their learning as they don’t get a full chance to explore themselves. Integrating learning and play time allows children to make mistakes and learn from each other with fun. The thriving environment at the preschool can positively impact your child’s learning experience in Alpharetta.

Childcare health and nutrition

Another factor that makes a preschool promising is providing the children with kid-friendly meals that are also nutritious. This allows children to learn about a healthy and balanced diet as they develop good eating habits and social skills. These preschool centers inform the families about their child’s food intake and reinforce nutritional education. The meals are hygienic, and the dietary needs of the children are taken seriously. This leads to children performing well academically, socially, and physically.

Childcare safety and security

Early learning center must ensure that the students are safe, and no outsider can enter the space freely. They are providing a level of attentiveness, care, and alertness to all children, so their peace and well-being are not compromised. The student-teacher ratio, the strategic plan of safety, and custom-designed facilities add to the reassurance that the child’s security is the priority. All the policies are scrutinized before becoming a part of the preschool which further builds the credibility of the center.

Preschool Curriculum

The focus of early learning centers should be on making children creative and confident thinkers by providing a rich environment of self-discovery. Hearing books read aloud can build the vocabulary, child’s attention, and love of reading, along with instilling imagination. Curriculum targeting early language and literacy development, social skills, artistic expression, and cognitive and social skills take the child’s learning to another level. The program should be flexible enough to be adapted according to each individual’s needs. Critical thinking, when fostered from an early age, can just do the wonders for your child.

Creative Labs Learning Center follows such a curriculum where Pre-K programs include activities of reading, writing, math, language development, motor skills development, and social development along with physical activities. They have a structured, yet fun curriculum that engages students in a myriad of ways. All learning is tailored according to the needs of the children and classroom environments promote cultural awareness and diversity. 

Quality Assurance

The programs at early learning centers stand out when they maintain high-quality standards, meet state requirements, and hire qualified employees. The quality assurance team runs assessments and evaluations monthly through supervision and developmentally appropriate activities in preschools. They also monitor the health, nutrition, and safety of the child closely. It is a team effort that leads to the preschools providing quality education and nourishment for the children. 

All well-developed preschool programs consider these aspects when designing the school structure. Your child will not only learn and enjoy but also maximize their potential in the beginning years.

If given the content and environment that meets their developmental needs, preschool children can easily climb the ladders of success when they grow up. Playing a beneficial role in this journey can prove to be a rewarding experience for you in the years to come.

Georgia Pre-K Program

3 Steps For the Georgia Pre-K Program

Georgia Pre-K program is a state-funded free program for 4-year-olds. It is held 5 days a week, with a 6.5-hour instructional day at no cost to families. Pre-school learning centers build a child’s knowledge and facilitate development in the early years. Even though it is a voluntary choice by parents, exposure to such programs can help the child make fun memories and explore their interests in exciting ways. Each Pre-K program sets its own criteria for application and selection, following a registration process. Before contacting the provider, it is important to know the steps of enrolling your child in a Georgia Pre-K program

Check the eligibility of your child

Before enrolling your child in any Georgia Pre-K program, know that he/she must be a resident of Georgia with at least 4 years of age before the start of September of that year. This eligibility requirement applies to most of the preschool learning centers in Georgia state. They will need documents verifying the age and residency of your child to proceed with the application. These documents once submitted can complete the Pre-K program application. While some schools accept these applications online, others may need a printed version of those applications. 

When your application is selected, you may need to provide additional information such as vision, hearing, dental, and immunization records as well as nutrition examination certificates. You can extract these forms from the country’s public health care department. 

Find a Pre-K Program

Pre-school learning centers for childcare and other local schools offer Pre-K programs in the state of Georgia. Both have different registration processes. Local school systems require you to be a resident of the school district. They generally accept applications between January and March and allow your child to apply to only a limited number of schools at a given time.

However, childcare learning centers, on the other hand, are not part of the local school system. They also don’t restrict you to a limited number of schools and may offer programs apart from the state-funded Georgia Pre-K program. Their timeline of registration is the same as local schools, but they do not have county residency requirements. 

One such preschool learning center is Creative Labs Learning Center. This learning center provides kindergarten readiness programs for up to 124 children located in Alpharetta, GA. There is no age limit as children from 6 months to 5 years, can attend the program.

The Creative Labs team provides an interactive learning environment and respects each child for their unique strengths and abilities. There is a diversity of students in classes and the team maintains high-quality of services through inspection and close monitoring.

Their model relies on play-based learning compared to traditional teaching which makes this preschool stand out from others. For more information, you can check their school site here Creative labs Learning Center.

Apply Next!

Each preschool center has a different application process. Contact the school you like directly for application instructions and submit one application per child. However, know that the application does not guarantee selection into a Georgia Pre-K program. 

If your application is selected, the school will send you a notification by email, phone, or mail. You will have to complete the further instructions and confirm your enrollment. If you miss the deadline, you shall lose your spot.

In case your application does not go forward, the school will place you on the waiting list. If another child drops out of the class, the school will immediately send you the acceptance email.

The steps listed above serve as a guide for you when deciding on how to enroll your child in a Georgia Pre-K program. Preschool learning centers can be the best avenue for your child to grow in the developing years of their life.

Having thorough research done on it can save you from trouble later. Preschool learning takes place in the absence of parents and anything that is wrong with the school can greatly impact your child physically and emotionally, at an early age.

It is the responsibility of both parents to take active participation when selecting a Pre-K program for their child in Georgia. That process will not only enhance their knowledge but also help develop a valuable and stronger connection with the child.

Preschool in alpharetta

Choose the Best Preschool in Alpharetta GA

If you’re in Georgia and looking for an early school for your child, you have landed at the right place. Attending early learning centers that provide quality education can shape your child’s personality in matchless ways. When parents in Alpharetta are full-time job workers, there is not enough time for homeschooling. Homeschooling can also not give a toddler the space to grow similar to a preschool with much more social interactions and playful activities. Nowadays, there are plenty of emerging preschools in Alpharetta GA and the task of selecting one can be overly exhausting. However, we have prepared a list of factors that are important to keep in mind when looking out for the best preschool in Alpharetta GA

1. Conduct Research

When you’re searching for a preschool in Alpharetta GA that suits your needs, consider all the options in town thoroughly before deciding on one. Take time and evaluate the pros and cons of each school and see which matches your priorities and resources. There are many people and sites that would recommend different options, but it is important for parents to do research from their end and pay visits to different preschools as the school environment is important for the growth and development of the child. 

2. Check The Qualification of Teachers

Sending your child to a preschool learning center is not an easy decision but when you make one, it is crucial to scrutinize whether teachers are formally trained in early childhood education and handling kids. Many preschools in Alpharetta GA employ unqualified and untrained staff and that compromises the learning and wellbeing of the child. Hence, this aspect should not be ignored so the money of parents and the time of children do not go to waste. 

3. Play-based Learning Over Traditional Teaching

To provide your child with the best learning experience in Alpharetta, you must see whether the preschool you choose is following traditional teaching methods by asking children to read and write exhaustively. Research has shown that kids learn and retain better when they are taught material through art and play which helps with their brain development faster. One such preschool is Creative Labs Learning Center where an interactive learning environment is provided, and each child is respected for their unique strengths and abilities. There is a diversity of students in classes and the quality of services is maintained through inspection and close monitoring. It should be noted then, whether the preschool you choose in Alpharetta has creative teaching methods that preserve children’s individuality and imagination.

4. Involvement of Parents

No matter how much time a child spends at school, they always need parents at the end of the day and parents must be updated with their child’s progress and learning. Before selecting the best preschool in Alpharetta GA for your child, look into the school policies and whether parents are involved in the educational journey of the child. Learning does not stop at home so the schools that involve parents and train them as well in the process by giving tips and strategies for the child’s education are doing the best job. This can expand the children’s learning experience in Alpharetta and is a factor that should be considered when doing the research.

5. Trust Your Gut Feeling

While paying visits to several preschools in Alpharetta GA, observe the environment and the quality of artwork and play being depicted. The feel of the place plays a significant role in deciding the best option. If you feel the environment to be safe and nurturing for the child that also caters to their needs and personality, that may be the right option for you where the child would stick for long and in peace.

These factors are equally important and must not be taken lightly as preschool learning takes place in the absence of parents and anything that is wrong with the school can greatly impact your child’s development at an early age. It is the responsibility of both the parents to take active participation when selecting the best preschool in Alpharetta GA, as that process will also help develop a valuable and stronger connection with the child.