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Programs offered at the Creative Learning Center

According to some studies, the first decade of your life is when you do most of your learning in this world. At this tender age, kids are like sponges – constantly soaking up information and learning things from their surroundings. This is why it is so necessary to ensure that you give your child only the best learning environment to grow and flourish in these formative years. We, at the Creative Learning Center, aim to make this wholesome and safe learning space available to all the toddlers in Georgia Alpharetta.

The Creative Learning Center is much more than just your average preschool. Fully committed to fulfill all the educational and emotional needs of young minds today, we offer a range of distinctive services for our students. From teaching Montessori and preschool classes to providing daycare facilities for working parents, we aim to share the educational burden with the parents and together raise a generation of lifelong learners and thinkers!

Here is a complete list of available programs at the Creative Labs Center Daycare Alpharetta as of July 2022.

1. The Creative Learning Center Hybrid Montessori

The traditional preschool curriculum focuses on equipping young minds with the necessary knowledge that serves as a strong foundation for upcoming academic years. The Montessori method popularized by Dr. Maria Montessori emphasizes on providing kids with a thoughtful and supportive environment that shall enable them to reach their best potential. The Creative Learning Center Hybrid Montessori program brings these two different yet complementary teaching methods together for what we deem the most effective way of early learning.

With our hybrid Montessori program, we give our students the freedom to choose but also inculcate a sense of responsibility in them. Our principles foster independence and self motivation, and teach students to respect all life and diversity.

2. The state-funded GA Pre-K program

The Creative Labs Center also caters to the pupils enrolled in the government’s Georgia Pre-K program. Following a standard curriculum but ensuring complete attention for each individual, CLC is one of the most highly sought after learning centers to offer this program.

Creative Lab Center’s GA Pre-K program is a fully state-funded educational opportunity for the four year old’s in Georgia Alpharetta. With the exception of a monthly meal fee, there are no out of pocket expenses incurred when enrolling your toddler in this program.

3. The continuing Rising Kindergarteners program

As your kid grows older and finishes the Montessori program, the Creative Lab Center ensures a smooth transition into higher academic levels via its Rising Kindergarteners program.Staying in line with our hybrid teaching methods, this unique program combines the syllabus from the Georgia Common Core Curriculum with the helpful teaching tools of the Montessori method. Using these interactive tools and teaching methods, the instructors at Creative Labs Center Daycare Alpharetta are able to ensure that the students really understand what is being taught. The ingenious methods also allow teachers to emotionally connect with their pupils on a deeper level and encourage them to handle their psychosocial needs in a proper manner.

Helping curious young minds to discover new things while being mindful of the consequences and others around them, the Rising Kindergarteners program plays an important role in shaping kids’ personalities. With our way of teaching, young children are much less likely to act out or develop insecurities that may affect them throughout their lives. We ensure that each pupil here understands and believes in equality and has respect for their peers.

4. Before and After Care at Creative Labs Center Daycare Alpharetta

The Creative Labs Center Daycare Alpharetta is much more than just a preschool or an early learning center. Along with our educational programs, we also offer extended care services to assist working parents in managing their responsibilities to their child. The Before and After Care programs at Creative Lab Center provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids and keeps them entertained while the parents are away.

Parents can not only leave their child with us after hours, but can also drop them off earlier before the workday officially begins according to their needs. These flexible timings have been designed to accommodate parents working in all fields, no matter what their schedule may look like.

5. Our week-long Summer Camp for continued fun and learning

Lastly, the Creative Lab Center has an activity filled Summer Camp that promises continued fun and learning even when school is out. Usually spanning a week, our Summer Camp includes interesting activities such as coding, chemistry, aeronautical engineering, slime making, game making, physics experiments, flying drones, painting, and much more. In short, we cater to every interest of your young one and encourage them to pursue their passion in a safe and supervised manner.

Georgia Pre-K program

How to enroll your child in the state-funded Georgia Pre-K program?

There is no denying the importance of quality preschool education. Attending the best early learning centers – such as the Creative Lab Center – does not only shape one’s personality, but it also makes one that much likely to succeed in their career. This is the reason that parents today start shortlisting schools and putting money together for their child’s Pre-K even before they are born. But if you live in Georgia, you’re in luck! Thanks to the state-funded Georgia Pre-K program, parents of four-year old’s in this part of the world do not have to worry about finances when choosing the best preschool education for their child.

What is the Georgia Pre-K program

The Georgia Pre-K is an excellent voluntary preschool program consisting of 6.5 hours of great fun and play, five days a week and 180 days a year. And the best part? It’s all paid for by the government!

What are the prerequisites to enroll your child in the Georgia Pre-K program

So, what do you need to be eligible to apply for this exceptional program?

Well, it’s quite simple. All that is required is for your child to be a Georgia resident and at least 4 years old as of September 1st of the year you are applying.

How to enroll your child in this state funded program?

The application process for the Georgia Pre-K program is quite simple and straightforward. And to make it even easier for you, we have put together this convenient step by step guide.

Here is what you need to do to enroll your child in Georgia’s state funded preschool program.

Step one: Collect the required documents

In order to apply for this program, the first thing you must do is collect all the required documents. These include proof of age and citizenship, the complete application form, and your child’s medical record.

Documents that can serve as proof of age can be the child’s birth certificate, passport, or hospital record. Citizenship can be proven by documents relating to property tax, leases, homeowner’s insurance, or mortgages. The application form for the program can be downloaded and printed out from the DECAL website.

Step two: Decide on a Pre-K program – we recommend those offered at the Creative Lab Center

Once you have all the required documents with you, the next step is to shortlist the best early learning centers and the preschool programs they offer from the list of available institutes. A number of local school systems and childcare learning centers in Georgia offer the Georgia Pre-K program. We suggest that you pick one like the Creative Lab Center to ensure the highest quality of education and the greatest preschool experience for your little one.

The choice of preschool to apply at is incredibly important. Even the same curriculum is taught differently at different institutes, and hence, can have a completely disparate impact on your child depending on where you send them. The Creative Lab Center ensures a wholesome and safe environment for your child to learn and grow beside their peers.

Step three: Submit the application

With your documents ready and the choice of preschool made, now is the time to actually go and submit that application for the Georgia Pre-K program. This process can vary between the different childcare learning centers, and so, the best course of action is to turn to their admissions department for guidance on this.

Look up the deadline for submitting the application to your decided preschool or early learning center beforehand and make sure that you get it there in time.

Step four: Keep an eye out for any notifications from the preschool

Unfortunately, simply submitting the application for enrollment in the Georgia Pre-K program does not mean that your child is in. Due to the sheer number of applicants interested in this program, preschools and early learning centers must shortlist the best applications of the lot. In the meanwhile, all you have to do is sit tight and keep an eye out for any mail from the institute where you have applied.

You can either be accepted into the program, rejected, or waitlisted. In case you are waitlisted, your child will be offered a seat if someone else backs out and any space is created.

Do check your email, phone messages, and the letters you receive everyday to make sure you do not miss an important notice.

Step five: Complete the registration process

Finally, when you receive word from the preschool of your child’s acceptance into the Georgia Pre-K program, you must complete the enrollment process by registering at the institute. For this, the institute will guide you on what to do when they communicate with you.

It is important to be super vigilant about the deadline at this point because missing it will mean that your spot will now be offered to somebody else.

PreSchool lea

How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child in Alpharetta GA 2023?

While homeschooling your kids when they are young is a valid option, there are many areas where it lacks. Even if you have the time and patience required to handle your child 24/7 (which is a near improbability for two working parents, by the way), homeschool just cannot give your toddler the room to grow that a good preschool does.

But with so many new preschools emerging in Alpharetta GA these days, how do you pick the best one for your child?

Well, we are not going to sugarcoat it for you – the task can be overwhelming because of the sheer number of options. So, to make it a little bit easier, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best preschool in Alpharetta GA.

1. Make sure that the preschool meets the needs of your child

When you start looking for a preschool in Alpharetta GA, the very first thing you must consider are the needs of your own child. Instead of choosing what you think is the best preschool in the area, go for the one that is right for your little one. Let us explore this one a little more.

Say that an individual is bound to a wheelchair. Do you think he or she can be happy in a school that coaches football athletes? No, right? Similarly, a kid who is incredibly shy and introverted cannot blossom in a school that continuously forces students to participate in class – even when they don’t want to.

Hence, it is incredibly important to make sure that a preschool’s psychology lines up with the personality of your child.

2. Play-based learning is far superior than rigid traditional methods for young kids

Gone are the days where young kids were made to write lines upon lines to perfect their cursive. Studies have shown that children learn a lot better and retain more information when it is conveyed through play. A quality preschool such as the Creative Lab Center educates and empowers young children through new methods that preserves their individuality and stimulates their imagination.

So, when you are shortlisting early learning centers and preschools in Alpharetta GA, check the ones that employ modern, creative teaching methods. The preschools where stories, art, music, and play is employed for the growth and development of its students are the ones that you should really be considering.

3. Look for preschools in Alpharetta GA who employed child experts to design their curriculum

Teaching methods are one thing, but even the best ones can fail miserably if the preschool curriculum misses the mark. In a number of preschools, the curriculum is so ridiculous that I am left boggled with who came up with it. Even today, so many preschool curriculums require 2 and 3 year olds to spell words, when they can hardly even hold a pencil right!

This is why it is so important for a preschool to have a child expert design their curriculum. Educationists and child experts are acutely aware of what a child of a specific age is capable of, and hence, their designed curricula are much more in line with the young ones’ needs and abilities. When hunting for a good preschool in Alpharetta GA, look for one like the Creative Lab Center which teaches a n expert-designed curriculum.

4. Many preschools in Alpharetta GA do not have formally trained teachers – make sure the one you pick does!

After you have ensured that the material and methods meet the needs of the children, make sure the one delivering these methods are also qualified. In a lot of places, preschools and early learning centers employ an untrained, unqualified staff. Make sure that this is not the case with the preschool you choose to go with.

It is incredibly important for preschool teachers to acquire special training in educating young minds. Preschool kids are exceptionally impressionable and sensitive. They are learning all the time, and thus, even the slightest mistake can make or break their personality. Formally trained teachers, such as the ones at Creative Lab Center, ensure that their conduct is nothing less than perfect all the time.

5. Ask the preschool directors if they involve parents in the child’s educational journey

Lastly, find out if the preschool that you are interested in for your kid offers helpful tips and strategies for parents to use at home to aid their child’s educational journey. Like we said earlier, for kids this young, the learning never stops even for a moment. Education is never limited to the school, but continues even after the child has left for home. Hence, the best preschools use this fact to their advantage by involving the parents to help kids grow and develop.

early learning center

Early Learning Centers – How They Can Help In The Growth Of Your Child

Since the early 2000s, there has been an increase in the number of parents looking for education options for their kids other than the conventional school system. With the parents becoming more aware – and hence concerned – about the detrimental effects that traditional teaching has on the psyche of young children, they have been seeking alternate educational methods for their little ones.

Of these alternate methods, there are two major ways you can go. You can either choose to homeschool your child, or you can turn to an early learning center (ELC) for assistance. And so, the question arises: which one of these is better?

While both options have their pros and cons, there are a lot of areas where homeschool just does not match up. Let’s look at some of the many ways that an early learning center can help in the growth of your child – be it personal or academic.

1. A good early learning center lays down the base for an impressive academic performance

The first thing most parents are concerned about when considering not sending their child to a traditional school is their academics. If your child does not learn what the other kids are learning in the classroom, how is he/she going to compete with them in the future? Would you be able to keep up with what’s being taught everyday in these conventional schools if you decide to homeschool your little one?

A good early learning center puts all these worries to rest. Quality ELCs such as the Creative Lab Center are not only able to maintain the level of education provided at traditional schools, but even go beyond that. Studies show that kids who have early learning centers perform better at standardized tests than the one who have not.

2. Early learning centers will help your toddler develop social skills

Another valid concern of most parents is that by taking their child out of school, they will isolate him/her from her friends. A child who has been homeschooled all their life may shy away from social situations and might have a hard time making friends later in life. But when your little one attends an ELC, you can let go of all such thoughts.

In early learning centers, kids are often grouped together for various activities. This indirectly teaches them how to conduct themselves around their peers, and how to handle disagreements between themselves. They learn to share and cooperate, and this tones down any behavioral problem that some children may struggle with.

3. Preschools and early learning centers are a safe space for young kids to learn and grow together

They say that children learn more from other children than any adult. At such a young age, your child will pay more regard to what their friend does than what you tell them to do. An ELC such as the Creative Lab Center provides children with a safe space to be themselves and a healthy environment where they can learn good habits from each other.

4. Sending your child to preschool at a young age encourages them to become independent

All parents want to see their children be independent. However, if both the parents work or the child is being raised by a single parent, this becomes even more important. Sending your kid to an early learning center promotes independence at a young age. When these children grow older, they are more comfortable around other adults than a child who has always been attached to you at the hip.

Studies show that children who attend an early learning center learn to write and draw much earlier than those who do not. Not only this, but kids at the Creative Lab Center are also quicker to pick up other life skills in the future as well.

5. An ELC with a small class size is perfect to ease your child’s way into the conventional school system

If you think that your child is too young and sensitive to deal with the conventional school system, having them attend an early learning center is a brilliant idea. For those parents who want to opt for conventional schooling in the future, ELCs make an excellent method to get their child’s feet wet.

Being a lot less demanding and having a much smaller class size than a traditional school, an anxious child is expected to feel a lot more comfortable in an early learning center. And after the child has adapted to the environment of an ELC, you can slowly ease their way into the conventional school of your choice.

daycare in alpharetta

Discovering The Best Daycare In Alpharetta GA

Exploring for best daycare for children is considered one of the most important and essential tasks for parents all around the world. Finding the best daycare needs to be based on a few factors, which include efficient cost, facilities, required age group, and activities. All these factors are considered the main aspects for discovering the best daycare in Alpharetta, GA. Daycares in Alpharetta are designed to provide ease and benefits for parents. As observed in the city, most of the parents are full-time job workers, and they require some help with their child’s daycare. In this sense, discovering the best daycare in Alpharetta, GA, need to be the absolute best and optimum offers the best solution of child care for the local families. It has been identified that currently, there are few best daycares in Alpharetta, which include full-time and part-time, and some of them are home daycares.

Approximately around $772 is the average monthly price for the full-time daycare in Alpharetta and is based on the top 10 daycares in Alpharetta, GA.

The Best Educational Daycares in Alpharetta GA

However, based on this basic and fundamental information, it is important to acknowledge the desired dedication to educational daycare in Alpharetta, GA. Some of the daycares in Alpharetta, GA, include Creative Labs Center, Cadence, Carrington, Kiddie, Kids ‘R’ Kids, O2B kids, Primrose, God Chosen development center, and Discovery Point.

 Although based on their location and rating, Creative Labs Center is considered one of the most recommended and preferred daycares in Alpharetta, GA. It is located on Atlanta Highway Alpharetta. It is perhaps the best in providing both a safe and nurturing environment for children to grow and thrive in the challenging world. The learning curriculum and development activities help children to learn about social, academic, and emotional skills. Creative labs Center can potentially help to Provide the Best  core values to Both Parents and Childrens. Positive self-esteem is developed when children’s individual abilities and differences are recognized and Core-values Given by Creative Labs Center 

Core Values Provided by Creative Labs center: –

The role of teachers in Creative Labs Center plays a vital role in discovering children’s interests and fascinating them about the world of play and learning. The curriculum of daycare in Alpharetta, GA, mainly focuses on the educational policies and childcare services. The Creative Labs Center mainly follows the curriculum, which follows the age-appropriate development and school standards. The team at Creative Labs Center mainly values the importance of language and literacy development in order to develop better communication with children. The effective communicational approach makes it one of the best daycares in Alpharetta, GA. The daycare also offers literacy activities such as reading which help children to learn new concepts and lessons. Many parents recommend Creative Labs Center because it significantly offers research-based curriculum and provides efficient parent communication. They also offer fun and engaging activities which help children to get plenty of hands-on activities, games, and playtime.

Parent Testimonials: –

The parent testimonials on the official website of Creative Labs Center show the confidence of parents that their children are in good hands. The accumulation of talented team workers and trained teachers is essential as the daycare service requires great knowledge about children’s psychological and behavioural factors. Childhood education helps teachers to be passionate and prepared for the daycare activities. They keep the child-teacher ratio low in order to provide one-on-one interaction with each child. Most parents believe that “as you enter the building, you feel like you are at home,” which means they care for children and believe in providing nurturing environment 

Conclusion: –

Creative Labs Center mainly believes that when parents and teachers partner with one another for a child’s education, then the learning experience will be richer and more meaningful. The efficient communication of teachers and staff promotes discussion about the goal and needs of children. In order to promote better opportunities for the parent to get involve, the Creative Labs Center provides monthly and quarterly written updates about the information they need to know.

Some of the activities and programs that are provided by Creative Labs Center include links to learning, parent communication, summer camps, skills development activities, etc. hence making it one of the best daycares in Alpharetta, GA.