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When the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools and forced people out of work, it highlighted the very real problem of food security for children. Even as many regions and states are now reopening, the need is still strong, and many families could use nutrition assistance.

At Creative Labs Learning Center, we have all types of families attend our programs from the community. We quickly learned that since not all families are the same, many of the students that attend our school programs only get a nutritious meal when school is in session.  Such families who were at risk for food insecurity before the pandemic are now facing even greater hardships.

When school doors closed, the school lunch program was not available to such families. Creative Labs as joined with Creative Community Outreach , a non-profit community organization, to continue to offer free healthy meals and snacks to children from low-income households. Instead of making anyone feel uncomfortable or identified as financially less than another, we have decided that every school break we will distribute food parcels to every student in our school’s attendance. Our location is recognized as a Food Bank and free meals distribution spot for our enrollment school students.

Many parents and visitors have asked us how they can contribute. Although this is not a requirement, we are just sharing with our families about this community outreach program and how they can contribute.

You are welcome to submit your contribution, in any amount that is comfortable for you, by cash, check or Zelle:

Our next upcoming food parcel distribution will be the following school breaks:

  • November 22 – 26
  • December 23 – January 3
  • April 4 – 8

Feel free to reach out to us regarding any questions you may have, we will be happy to discuss in detail with you.

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