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Our Preschool Program is designed so that the students spend their days participating in a structured, yet fun curriculum. Some of the daily activities are reading, writing, math, motor skill development, language development, social skill development and physical activities. Children will learn the basic skills that will provide them with the foundation for entry into the Pre-K program. The Teacher creates weekly lesson plans with different themes that will engage the children in a wide variety of subjects.

Miss Michelle MacGilpin
Preschool Lead Teacher
Creative Labs Center
Unit NameDateHours
Pre-algebra Review
IntegersJanuary 4, 201610
Algebraic ExpressionsJanuary 5, 201624
Order of OperationsJanuary 6, 201632
Like Terms and Distributive PropertyJanuary 7, 201646
Distributive PropertyJanuary 8, 201618
Intro to MatricesJanuary 9, 201620
Using FormulasJanuary 11, 201634
Sport & Athletics
Speed & accelerationJanuary 12, 201640
Average, instantaneous speedJanuary 13, 201610
Newton playing footballJanuary 18, 201612
Estimating the flight path of a footballFebruary 18, 201610
The concept of basketball bounceMarch 18, 201614
The principle of momentumJanuary 19, 201622
Two-Step EquationsMarch 19, 201636
Distributive Property EquationsJanuary 27, 201640
Equations with FractionsJanuary 28, 201610

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