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At Creative Labs, our Team thrives under high standards of excellence and accountability. Our programs are evaluated both internally and externally through a variety of formats. Hence, this on-going approach helps us keep a close monitoring system on the quality of our service we provide to our families.

Besides the regulatory requirements of the City of Alpharetta, we wanted to go above and beyond by creating a quality assurance program unique to Creative Labs. Hence we have implemented a weekly inspection, a daily observation log, and a detailed operations manual to keep the quality controlled environment uniform year-round.

Creative Labs daycare in Alpharetta

Core Values

Our Core Values

create warm

Create a warm, welcoming, and peaceful learning environment where all children are respected and loved as unique individuals.

Learning environment

Prepare a multi-age, child-focused, interactive learning environment that offers meaningful, productive, and gratifying work.

individual strengths

Meet each child where they are: recognize his or her individual strengths, needs, and interests; tailor lessons accordingly and provide guidance.

Promote community

Promote community and cultural awareness in our classroom environments, and celebrate the diversity of our students, staff and families.


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