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Welcome to the Creative Labs Center, where little stars shine bright.
Creative Labs Center has been the first choice of parents as the most reliable daycare center in Alpharetta. For the past 10 years, we have been nurturing young minds and enabling them to think anew.
Our curriculum is based on the latest learning strategies which help our kids to develop strong social, emotional, and cognitive skills. If you have kids from the age of preschool Montessori to elementary school, our creative learning center will be your kid’s learning partner.

Creative Labs Learning Center is your child’s first step towards a bright and better future. We take early childhood education to another level by implementing our interactive play-based learning activities.

Creative Labs daycare in Alpharetta

Our dedicated teachers are passionate about encouraging each child’s unique talents and potential while providing a safe and reliable haven for your little one. Our team is held to the highest expectations, and our programs go through regular checkups. It is to ensure top-notch quality for the families we serve. We do this through a multi-step process that goes beyond city regulations. This includes:

These ongoing evaluations cover a wide range of areas, ensuring a consistently high-quality environment for your child.
Join our Creative Labs family and watch your child blossom in a world of wonder!


At Creative Labs Center, we signify our core values to the utmost level.


we create the most welcoming, peaceful, and warm learning environment for every kid based on their unique needs.


Every child is unique in his/her abilities. Therefore, our mission is to help your kids identify and strengthen their abilities with our daycare services in Alpharetta.


At our Creative Learning Center, we encourage kids to be curious and explore new ideas.


We are proud to have people from diverse cultures as children, teachers, or caretaking staff in our daycare center. Each day we celebrate the diversity of our people and promote respect for each community.


 first and foremost, our daycare center in Alpharetta is situated at a location that is easily accessible. So you can stay at peace that your child is in safe hands just a few miles away from your work.

our certified teachers and caregiver staff ensure the maintenance of high-quality learning techniques during care hours. It helps the young mind to learn effectively.

At Creative Labs Center, the curriculum is designed in a way to make the kid learn by using their overall skills and abilities. Our play-based learning activities set us apart from the other childcare centers in Alpharetta GA.

your working life will become much easier with our extended school programs. Our before/after care ensures that your child is safe and sound while you are busy with your occupied schedule.

Our before-care program includes the early pick-up of your precious one by Brandywine ES school bus at no additional cost.

The aftercare program lets your kid learn socialization, group activities with peers, proper hygiene tips, and many more. You can easily enroll your kid in our before/after care program to enjoy extended relief and ensured learning.

 we understand the demands of our clients and based on that our daycare center offers flexible scheduling. With our special before/aftercare program, you can also avail of drop-in care service without any hassle.

At Creative Labs Center, there is no compromise on the safety and hygiene of our little kids. We ensure proper security measures and adherence to strict security protocols so that our clients can rest assured that their children are safe and sound.
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Your child’s early years are a critical time for exploration, discovery, and building a foundation for future success. Choosing the right daycare center isn’t just about finding childcare – it’s about finding a loving second home that encourages your child’s unique potential.

 At Creative Labs Center in Alpharetta, we go beyond simple care. Our passion lies in developing your child’s curiosity and creativity through engaging play, exploration, and a love of learning.

Don’t settle for just any daycare – schedule a visit to Creative Labs Center and discover the difference. See firsthand how our innovative approach and commitment to quality can make a positive impact on your child’s development. 

Register now and get one step closer to your kid’s better future!


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  • Our little one went to summer camp at Creative Labs Center, he enjoyed the variety of activities offered in the camp-they had Petting zoo, pony ride, foam party, baking to... read more

    Arya Avatar Arya
    April 30, 2023

    One of best school management I ever seen. They take care very nicely. My kid is very happy. Teachers are awesome. Good response if I need help. Thank you.

    sujatha suji Avatar sujatha suji
    March 1, 2024

    Totally appreciate the efforts put in by the teachers as well as the management in getting to know and genuinely care for my kid. I’ve noticed that she internalizes... read more

    Aishwarya Saad Shariff Avatar Aishwarya Saad Shariff
    April 30, 2023
  • If you’re looking for a Pre-k school, I highly recommend this school! A great place to send your child. Very clean and organized. My little one has improved a lot... read more

    Prithsana S Avatar Prithsana S
    April 30, 2022

    My son started Pre-K at Creative Labs Center this fall and the teachers and staff superseded my expectations. He looked forward to going to school everyday and seeing his teachers... read more

    Michelle Avatar Michelle
    September 30, 2023

    My daughter is presently enrolled in Georgia Prek at Creative Labs Center, and our experience has been exceptional. We have witnessed remarkable progress in our child's development since her enrollment.... read more

    Raja V Ramaprakash Marri Avatar Raja V Ramaprakash Marri
    March 30, 2024

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