Distinctive Services

Learning is more than just a classroom setting… we want children to be able to do much more! We want them to think. We want them to think about what they think about. Not rote memorization but constructive application of the learning to transform into lifelong learners AND thinkers!

Creative Labs Learning Center has a commitment to fulfill the progressive needs of education and the emotional evolving needs of a child. Our underlying foundation, which enhances our Montessori philosophy, is a strong cultural curriculum and commitment to creating children who will be leaders of a peaceful, united, better world.

Ask any parent what sets Creative Labs Learning Center apart… and you’ll get a variety of answers (See Testimonials)!  Our distinctive services have been designed to meet specific connection, communication, security, nutrition, and convenience desires of our families.  These services position Creative Labs Learning Center as the premiere early education trendsetter!

Imagine A Learning Center..

Where your child receives individualized instruction ensuring that your child is never bored, but instead always challenged.

Imagine An Educational Environment…

that engages the whole child not just academically but also socially, emotionally and physically.

Imagine A Classroom…

where  your child is collaborating with teachers and other students of different ages.  Our multi-age classrooms initially offer your younger child role models to learn from. Later, as the older child, they learn leadership qualities. Montessori gives your child a foundation upon which their entire education can be built.

Gives Your Child a Foundation with Our Distinctive Service
engaging environment in creative labs daycare

Imagine An Environment…

that fosters a love of learning in your child and simultaneously encourages your child’s interest in expanding upon lessons with a cultural diversity.

A Peek-into-the-Classroom:

Our user-friendly and secure platform is a great communication bridge between classroom and home. This facilitates better communication with parents throughout the day. Parents will receive a peek into the classroom with a personalized report for their child along with relevant photos and/or videos of their child.  Parents will be able to access this secure information via web interface or any smartphone with internet access.

Red Carpet Treatment:

We understand that mornings are a hectic time of day and it’s difficult to let go of your child without having them engaged in their classroom. That is why we have the Red Carpet Treatment which enables parents to comfortably drop off their child into the school building so that parents can rest assured their child is safe, happy and ready to begin their daily learning.


We understand the positive long-term impact of providing children healthy, nutrient-rich meals. Our dedication to nutrition in meal service is taken very seriously.  Healthy and nutritious meals are critical for the growth of children in order for them to maintain energy throughout the day. Our dedicated kitchen staff prepare breakfast, lunch and snacks on-site using fresh ingredients that aim to exceed all nutritional guidelines.


The entrance to our facility is secured throughout the day.  Families will need to enter a numeric pass-code on a keypad to enter the building facility.  Our child release policies are strictly enforced for every child’s protection and the ProCare app is used for sign i/out of every child. Along with that we also have:

Background checks are reviewed and on file for every employee and educational enrichment teacher on premise.  Other than those on campus as a parent, authorized pickup, employee or authorized enrichment instructor we have a strict no-visitor and no-solitation policy for our facility.

Comfortably Drop Off Your Child

Additional Services: