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Making that dream become a reality is what we do best! Our goal is to create that opportunity to succeed for those who have the passion, drive and commitment. Empowered by distinctive ideals built on integrity, diversity and ingenuity – The Creative Labs Learning Center was born after extensive research, planning and field experience to be like no one of its kind

Founders of Creative Labs Learning Center of Alpharetta

Summaya Adam & Fahim Dangra

Fahim and Summaya are the founders of Creative Labs Learning Center of Alpharetta. Summaya’s introduction into the childcare industry began during her college days at New York University (NYU) in 2002. Her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education was what sparked the onset of her journey through a lifelong learning for working with children of all ages. Over time, with the arrival of her own children and her move to Atlanta, GA – Summaya’s passion and dream for making a change for what early childhood education could become in her own community heightened.

Fahim realized Summaya’s passion and has been her largest motivator along with their two sons, to encourage Summaya to pursue her dream. The overwhelming support for Summaya’s enthusiastic and unconventional approach, partnered with her excitement for the Montessori philosophy, fueled the birth of Creative Labs. Her education and her experience as a teacher, administrator and principal of (public, private, religious) schools throughout Fulton and Forsyth county in Atlanta made her stay steadfast in achieving her goals.

Summaya’s educational accomplishments include Summa Cum Laude degree achievement for both Bachelor’s from New York University (NYU) and Master’s from Nova Southeastern University (NSU). Valedictorian of her graduating class, she was awarded multiple awards among which was the Bill Gates Millennium Scholars award that ignited the desire to give back to the community.

Both Fahim and Summaya are actively involved in the community and enjoy organizing events related to children’s’ learning. Fahim is a structural engineer by trade and currently works with Auto Desk as their Senior Manager.

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