We are introducing our most fun and exciting program for your kids to let out their creativity and the desire to have adventurous fun. Our summer camp program is a very proactive opportunity for your kids to enjoy the scorching days of summer.

Our summer camp program takes up to weeks and we take kids to locations where they experience the most fun, creativity, and socialization. From camping and playing to having parties and games, our summer camps ensure every possible cheering activity for kids. Where they not only have fun but they also learn a lot.

You can choose to keep your kids with us for a specific time. Or you can send them with us as our responsibility. At Creative Labs Center, we make sure to take complete care of your kids. As we do in our before/after school programs so that you lead a stress-free day.


1. Setting up camps:

as the kids are very excited about the camps, we start our whole adventure by setting up camps first. Our teachers and other staff ensure protection and careful working with every kid so that we set up camps with a lot of fun and carefulness.

2. Painting sessions:

we arrange a lot of painting sessions during our summer camp period. Sometimes as water splash painting, and sometimes as nature art, we let kids use their 100% creativity and draw masterpieces. These painting sessions are often conducted outdoors in an open field to let kids breathe in the open air and observe nature directly. We use these types of activities in our Pre-Kindergarten program for preschoolers to encourage creativity in them.

3. Foam parties:

Foam parties: as the name says it all, what could be more exciting for kids in summer other than partying

We arrange different foam parties as part of our summer camp program. Kids and teachers enjoy a lot during the party session, with immense joy and playfulness we happily let our kids party and let them cool down during the warm days of summer.

1. Cooking sessions:

whether it is a campfire, or cooking stove, we organize lots of cooking sessions for our summer camp. Our teachers and caregiving staff are there for kids to guide them throughout the process for careful handling. Then the kids cook different dishes. Whether it is roasting marshmallows or cooking meals, we assist our kids at every step.

2. DIY activities:

we encourage a lot of DIY activities such as making edible paint, recreations, and arts and crafts. It keeps kids active and engaged throughout the process. Furthermore, it also encourages creativity and learning along with fun and adventure. In this way, we achieve our both targets_ fun and learning. 

3. Spy training:

kids love to explore what’s hidden and they are very curious in nature. Keeping that in mind, we let them engage in activities that satisfy their curiosity and let them discover what they want.

A very exciting application of this curiosity is our spy training sessions. We let kids assume they are spies and they are on a mysterious mission to unfold the hidden story. To make it more fun and exciting, we get them costumes and safe tools required to be a spy such as a magnifying glass, a walkie-talkie, a whistle, binoculars, etc. That’s how we organize spy training for kids to experience the mysterious joy of being a secret spy.

1. Sports activities:

when the name summer camp comes to mind, one always thinks about engagement in several physical activities. At our summer camp, we also focus on being physically active because that’s the purpose of being a part of summer camp. We do lots of physical activities including hiking, obstacle courses, campfire, ball games, soccer, capture the flag, swimming, etc for physical activeness.

2. Scavenger hunting:

to make our kids’ camp experience even better, we introduce several exciting and joyful activities to them. Scavenger hunting is one of them. As we the availability of open fields, we can freely play it anywhere. The teachers hide objects/milestones at target places. Then kids have to find them using hints. It’s a very important application of problem-solving skills as kids use their intellect and try to find milestones. It helps a lot in their cognitive development.

These helpful activities are used in our Montessori and kindergarten programs as well.

  1. Dragon attack saving princess play game.
  2.  Stargazing night: what could be more wonderful than enjoying a night starry sky with all the kids around?

In our summer camp, we create beautiful memories with our kids and stargazing is one of them.

After that, we also create a DIY projector and watch a movie together.


We ensure to make this summer camp program incredibly memorable for kids. With our entertaining activities, we keep kids actively engaged and happy during the camping. Moreover, we take care of your kid’s health and safety vigilantly so that you can stay at peace while your kids are with us.

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