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17:18 08 Sep 23
My son started Pre-K at Creative Labs Center this fall and the teachers and staff superseded my expectations. He looked forward to going to school everyday and seeing his teachers and classmates.He had only been at home prior to beginning at Creative Labs Center and as a stay-at-home parent, it felt wonderful to know that he was in good hands and I could see tremendous growth in just a few weeks.Highly recommend.
Padmaja KPadmaja K
02:04 24 Jul 23
I am so happy to have found creative labs for my son, Ms.Maya and the team is awesome.I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a wonderful childcare and you will never be disappointed ☺️
Yasmeen FarisYasmeen Faris
03:36 16 Jul 23
My son was at Creative Labs for 2 years and we have nothing but amazing things to say. We couldn’t have asked for more, for our child to have a great first experience in school. Ms.Sumaya, the Principal, is truly kind, caring and goes above and beyond for the students and families. My son also loved his Pre-k teachers Ms.Audrey and Ms.Maya, they are wonderful teachers who are loving and gave the children a wonderful Pre-k experience. He also attended the Montessori program in the summer before Pre-k and loved all of his teachers in that program as well. Forever grateful for Ms.Sumaya and her excellent team, we love you guys.
Jerome BeshayJerome Beshay
01:10 11 Jul 23
marian mattarmarian mattar
01:05 11 Jul 23
Suman BurjukindiSuman Burjukindi
21:28 23 Jun 23
It has been only 2 weeks since I started sending my son to Creative Labs but I have so many good things to say already. The Teachers are very caring and helping the kid with writing, painting and independent learning and I can see all these positives in my son. They are making it very comfortable for the kid so there is no more crying at doorstep to go to school. They have an amazing summer camp which has a new curriculum every week and kids are really enjoying it. I am excited and awaiting for more wonderful things during the Pre-k. A very Good job TEACHERS AND STAFF for making it every kid’s second home!!!
Hurmat TaskeenHurmat Taskeen
17:42 25 May 23
Creative Labs Center has been a perfect learning environment for my son. The teachers and staff were very helpful and enthusiastic about the curriculum on a daily basis. This year my son learned many necessary concepts to get him ready for kindergarten. Thank you Creative Labs for providing such a memorable experience for us.
Sabina KhanSabina Khan
18:24 16 May 23
I had the best experience here with my daughter. I enrolled in Creative Labs Center for my daughter in GA PRE-K programThe teachers, the staff and management are truly amazing and work so hard to provide the best care for our little ones.The teachers are so caring. They have a very good curriculum in place. The teachers take utmost interest in every kid, teach them good manners while educating them in a fun way.The food served during breakfast, lunch and snacks are very delicious while being healthy for the kids. My daughter is a picky eater but the teachers and staff encouraged her about healthy eating habits which motivated her to finish her food.Mrs Sumayya works very hard to make the school - a fun and secure place for our little ones.
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