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Learning is more than just a classroom setting… we want children to be able to do much more! We want them to think. We want them to think about what they think about. Not rote memorization but constructive application of the learning to transform into lifelong learners AND thinkers!
Creative Labs Learning Center has a commitment to fulfill the progressive needs of education and the emotional evolving needs of a child. Our underlying foundation, which enhances our Montessori philosophy, is a strong cultural curriculum and commitment to creating children who will be leaders of a peaceful, united, better world.
Ask any parent what sets Creative Labs Learning Center apart… and you’ll get a variety of answers (See Testimonials)! Our distinctive services have been designed to meet specific connection, communication, security, nutrition, and convenience desires of our families. These services position Creative Labs Learning Center as the premiere early education trendsetter!

Imagine A Learning Center...

where your child receives individualized instruction ensuring that your child is never bored, but instead always challenged.

We have not only small ratios, but small classes

Creative Labs daycare in Alpharetta

Labs Center

At Creative Labs, our Team thrives under high standards of excellence and accountability. Our programs are evaluated both internally and externally through a variety of formats. Hence, this on-going approach helps us keep a close monitoring system on the quality of our service we provide to our families.

Besides the regulatory requirements of the City of Alpharetta, we wanted to go above and beyond by creating a quality assurance program unique to Creative Labs. Hence we have implemented a weekly inspection, a daily observation log, and a detailed operations manual to keep the quality controlled environment uniform year-round. The evaluations cover a range of topics and are issued with appropriate professional determinations:

Embracing Maria Montessori’s philosophy and pedagogy, in which it is understood that all children are born with the inherent ability to achieve their full potential. As such, children are active participants in their learning, and the teacher is the dynamic link in this process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture the whole child and to inspire an enduring love of learning that prepares children to live joyful lives as responsible, confident, compassionate citizens, therefore contributing to a peaceful and benevolent society.

Our philosophy is children learn best and develop to their fullest potential through active participation in a wide variety of activities which take place in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. Positive self-image is enhanced by developing personal independence and by learning how to communicate and get along with each other. Positive self-esteem is developed when children’s individual abilities and differences are recognized and valued. In order to carry out this philosophy, our program:

Core Values

In carrying out our mission, Creative Labs’ concern is for the whole child’s cognitive, physical, social-emotional, spiritual, and psychological development.

Create a warm, welcoming, and peaceful learning environment where all children are respected and loved as unique individuals. Cultivate each child’s ability to respect themselves, others, and the environment, and to become peaceful, compassionate responsible citizens of the planet.

Prepare a multi-age, child-focused, interactive learning environment that offers meaningful, productive, and gratifying work; allows children to learn using all aspects of their being and to freely choose their work; encourages exploration and reflection; and offers opportunities for both individual and cooperative work.

Meet each child where they are: recognize his or her individual strengths, needs, and interests; tailor lessons accordingly and provide guidance so that each child can experience success and acquire skills without competition.

Promote community and cultural awareness in our classroom environments, and celebrate the diversity of our students, staff and families.