3 Steps For the Georgia Pre-K Program

Georgia Pre-K Program

Georgia Pre-K program is a state-funded free program for 4-year-olds. It is held 5 days a week, with a 6.5-hour instructional day at no cost to families. Pre-school learning centers build a child’s knowledge and facilitate development in the early years. Even though it is a voluntary choice by parents, exposure to such programs can help the child make fun memories and explore their interests in exciting ways. Each Pre-K program sets its own criteria for application and selection, following a registration process. Before contacting the provider, it is important to know the steps of enrolling your child in a Georgia Pre-K program

Check the eligibility of your child

Before enrolling your child in any Georgia Pre-K program, know that he/she must be a resident of Georgia with at least 4 years of age before the start of September of that year. This eligibility requirement applies to most of the preschool learning centers in Georgia state. They will need documents verifying the age and residency of your child to proceed with the application. These documents once submitted can complete the Pre-K program application. While some schools accept these applications online, others may need a printed version of those applications. 

When your application is selected, you may need to provide additional information such as vision, hearing, dental, and immunization records as well as nutrition examination certificates. You can extract these forms from the country’s public health care department. 

Find a Pre-K Program

Pre-school learning centers for childcare and other local schools offer Pre-K programs in the state of Georgia. Both have different registration processes. Local school systems require you to be a resident of the school district. They generally accept applications between January and March and allow your child to apply to only a limited number of schools at a given time.

However, childcare learning centers, on the other hand, are not part of the local school system. They also don’t restrict you to a limited number of schools and may offer programs apart from the state-funded Georgia Pre-K program. Their timeline of registration is the same as local schools, but they do not have county residency requirements. 

One such preschool learning center is Creative Labs Learning Center. This learning center provides kindergarten readiness programs for up to 124 children located in Alpharetta, GA. There is no age limit as children from 6 months to 5 years, can attend the program.

The Creative Labs team provides an interactive learning environment and respects each child for their unique strengths and abilities. There is a diversity of students in classes and the team maintains high-quality of services through inspection and close monitoring.

Their model relies on play-based learning compared to traditional teaching which makes this preschool stand out from others. For more information, you can check their school site here Creative labs Learning Center.

Apply Next!

Each preschool center has a different application process. Contact the school you like directly for application instructions and submit one application per child. However, know that the application does not guarantee selection into a Georgia Pre-K program. 

If your application is selected, the school will send you a notification by email, phone, or mail. You will have to complete the further instructions and confirm your enrollment. If you miss the deadline, you shall lose your spot.

In case your application does not go forward, the school will place you on the waiting list. If another child drops out of the class, the school will immediately send you the acceptance email.

The steps listed above serve as a guide for you when deciding on how to enroll your child in a Georgia Pre-K program. Preschool learning centers can be the best avenue for your child to grow in the developing years of their life.

Having thorough research done on it can save you from trouble later. Preschool learning takes place in the absence of parents and anything that is wrong with the school can greatly impact your child physically and emotionally, at an early age.

It is the responsibility of both parents to take active participation when selecting a Pre-K program for their child in Georgia. That process will not only enhance their knowledge but also help develop a valuable and stronger connection with the child.

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