Early Learning Centers – How They Can Help In The Growth Of Your Child

early learning center

Since the early 2000s, there has been an increase in the number of parents looking for education options for their kids other than the conventional school system. With the parents becoming more aware – and hence concerned – about the detrimental effects that traditional teaching has on the psyche of young children, they have been seeking alternate educational methods for their little ones.

Of these alternate methods, there are two major ways you can go. You can either choose to homeschool your child, or you can turn to an early learning center (ELC) for assistance. And so, the question arises: which one of these is better?

While both options have their pros and cons, there are a lot of areas where homeschool just does not match up. Let’s look at some of the many ways that an early learning center can help in the growth of your child – be it personal or academic.

1. A good early learning center lays down the base for an impressive academic performance

The first thing most parents are concerned about when considering not sending their child to a traditional school is their academics. If your child does not learn what the other kids are learning in the classroom, how is he/she going to compete with them in the future? Would you be able to keep up with what’s being taught everyday in these conventional schools if you decide to homeschool your little one?

A good early learning center puts all these worries to rest. Quality ELCs such as the Creative Lab Center are not only able to maintain the level of education provided at traditional schools, but even go beyond that. Studies show that kids who have early learning centers perform better at standardized tests than the one who have not.

2. Early learning centers will help your toddler develop social skills

Another valid concern of most parents is that by taking their child out of school, they will isolate him/her from her friends. A child who has been homeschooled all their life may shy away from social situations and might have a hard time making friends later in life. But when your little one attends an ELC, you can let go of all such thoughts.

In early learning centers, kids are often grouped together for various activities. This indirectly teaches them how to conduct themselves around their peers, and how to handle disagreements between themselves. They learn to share and cooperate, and this tones down any behavioral problem that some children may struggle with.

3. Preschools and early learning centers are a safe space for young kids to learn and grow together

They say that children learn more from other children than any adult. At such a young age, your child will pay more regard to what their friend does than what you tell them to do. An ELC such as the Creative Lab Center provides children with a safe space to be themselves and a healthy environment where they can learn good habits from each other.

4. Sending your child to preschool at a young age encourages them to become independent

All parents want to see their children be independent. However, if both the parents work or the child is being raised by a single parent, this becomes even more important. Sending your kid to an early learning center promotes independence at a young age. When these children grow older, they are more comfortable around other adults than a child who has always been attached to you at the hip.

Studies show that children who attend an early learning center learn to write and draw much earlier than those who do not. Not only this, but kids at the Creative Lab Center are also quicker to pick up other life skills in the future as well.

5. An ELC with a small class size is perfect to ease your child’s way into the conventional school system

If you think that your child is too young and sensitive to deal with the conventional school system, having them attend an early learning center is a brilliant idea. For those parents who want to opt for conventional schooling in the future, ELCs make an excellent method to get their child’s feet wet.

Being a lot less demanding and having a much smaller class size than a traditional school, an anxious child is expected to feel a lot more comfortable in an early learning center. And after the child has adapted to the environment of an ELC, you can slowly ease their way into the conventional school of your choice.

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