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According to some studies, the first decade of your life is when you do most of your learning in this world. At this tender age, kids are like sponges – constantly soaking up information and learning things from their surroundings. This is why it is so necessary to ensure that you give your child only the best learning environment to grow and flourish in these formative years. We, at the Creative Learning Center, aim to make this wholesome and safe learning space available to all the toddlers in Georgia Alpharetta.

The Creative Learning Center is much more than just your average preschool. Fully committed to fulfill all the educational and emotional needs of young minds today, we offer a range of distinctive services for our students. From teaching Montessori and preschool classes to providing daycare facilities for working parents, we aim to share the educational burden with the parents and together raise a generation of lifelong learners and thinkers!

Here is a complete list of available programs at the Creative Labs Center Daycare Alpharetta as of July 2022.

1. The Creative Learning Center Hybrid Montessori

The traditional preschool curriculum focuses on equipping young minds with the necessary knowledge that serves as a strong foundation for upcoming academic years. The Montessori method popularized by Dr. Maria Montessori emphasizes on providing kids with a thoughtful and supportive environment that shall enable them to reach their best potential. The Creative Learning Center Hybrid Montessori program brings these two different yet complementary teaching methods together for what we deem the most effective way of early learning.

With our hybrid Montessori program, we give our students the freedom to choose but also inculcate a sense of responsibility in them. Our principles foster independence and self motivation, and teach students to respect all life and diversity.

2. The state-funded GA Pre-K program

The Creative Labs Center also caters to the pupils enrolled in the government’s Georgia Pre-K program. Following a standard curriculum but ensuring complete attention for each individual, CLC is one of the most highly sought after learning centers to offer this program.

Creative Lab Center’s GA Pre-K program is a fully state-funded educational opportunity for the four year old’s in Georgia Alpharetta. With the exception of a monthly meal fee, there are no out of pocket expenses incurred when enrolling your toddler in this program.

3. The continuing Rising Kindergarteners program

As your kid grows older and finishes the Montessori program, the Creative Lab Center ensures a smooth transition into higher academic levels via its Rising Kindergarteners program.Staying in line with our hybrid teaching methods, this unique program combines the syllabus from the Georgia Common Core Curriculum with the helpful teaching tools of the Montessori method. Using these interactive tools and teaching methods, the instructors at Creative Labs Center Daycare Alpharetta are able to ensure that the students really understand what is being taught. The ingenious methods also allow teachers to emotionally connect with their pupils on a deeper level and encourage them to handle their psychosocial needs in a proper manner.

Helping curious young minds to discover new things while being mindful of the consequences and others around them, the Rising Kindergarteners program plays an important role in shaping kids’ personalities. With our way of teaching, young children are much less likely to act out or develop insecurities that may affect them throughout their lives. We ensure that each pupil here understands and believes in equality and has respect for their peers.

4. Before and After Care at Creative Labs Center Daycare Alpharetta

The Creative Labs Center Daycare Alpharetta is much more than just a preschool or an early learning center. Along with our educational programs, we also offer extended care services to assist working parents in managing their responsibilities to their child. The Before and After Care programs at Creative Lab Center provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids and keeps them entertained while the parents are away.

Parents can not only leave their child with us after hours, but can also drop them off earlier before the workday officially begins according to their needs. These flexible timings have been designed to accommodate parents working in all fields, no matter what their schedule may look like.

5. Our week-long Summer Camp for continued fun and learning

Lastly, the Creative Lab Center has an activity filled Summer Camp that promises continued fun and learning even when school is out. Usually spanning a week, our Summer Camp includes interesting activities such as coding, chemistry, aeronautical engineering, slime making, game making, physics experiments, flying drones, painting, and much more. In short, we cater to every interest of your young one and encourage them to pursue their passion in a safe and supervised manner.

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